ESICM Advanced Course

The mandatory ESICM advanced course should be undertaken within the first 12 months after initiation of the accreditation process and counts for 12 points towards the minimum of 40 points of advanced courses required before sitting the evaluation tests.

ESICM Live Clinical Case Course

The course gives the opportunity to interact with EDEC Experts performing live echo exams at the bedside of their patients and to discuss the different ways to improve the clinical situation of the patients.

Registration fees for the one-day Clinical Course are included in the initial EDEC fees. Candidates are invited to contact the EDEC secretariat ( to sign in to the forthcoming event.

The course counts for 4 points towards the minimum of 40 points of advanced courses.

Endorsed Courses

The EDEC Working Group is keen to endorse the following advanced courses:

        • Echocardiography for Haemodynamic Monitoring – Brussels, organised by ISICEM (
        • Pre-symposium course on Echocardiography in the ICU – Advanced – Brussels, organised by ISICEM (
        • ACCP Advanced Critical Care Echocardiography – Glenview, USA (
        • Advanced Echocardiography Forum-Leura, Australia (
        • Advanced Critical Care Echocardiography Course – Melbourne, Australia (
        • Curso de Ecocardiografia Básica y Ecografía avanzada en Urgencias, Cuidados Intensivos, Reanimación y Quirófano – Barcelona, Spain (Vall d’Hebron Hospital)
        • 3-day Critical Care Echo course at St Georges Hospital, London, UK (
        • Advanced Critical Care Echocardiography Training of University of Toronto, Canada (
        • Transthoracic Echocardiography course for critically ill patients and hemodynamic monitoring – Spain (
        • Czech National Course for Advanced Echocardiography (Course Director: Dr Martin Balik) (2 points)
        • Perioperative TOE course at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital (
        • EACTAIC Echo Course (
        • Advanced Critical Care Echo course – Australasia (
        • International Forum in Critical Care (FICC) advance critical care Echocardiography course, Bogotá, Colombia (FICCARES)

Each course counts for 6 points towards the minimum of 40 points of advanced courses, unless otherwise indicated.

Advanced Courses


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