Data Science

Location: CityCube, Berlin, Germany
Dates: September 29, 2019 (during LIVES 2019 in Berlin)

Master Class Director: Ari Ercole, BA MA MB BChir PhD, Division of Anaesthesia, Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Endorsement: This Master Class is endorsed by the Technology Assessment and Health Informatics Transectional working group, ESICM

For more information about registration, see the LIVES 2019 webpages.
For more information about programme, see the Preliminary Programme.

Key Reasons to attend

  • To discover and share insights about large, rich and complex data sets
  • To find new ways to answer actual clinical questions using large datasets of electronic health records
  • To interact with professionals who put themselves to the test and cooperate with specialists of different fields
  • To learn more about the potential of medical data, machine learning and predictive modelling that could provide new insights and improve patient care.
  • An application has been made to the UEMS EACCME® for CME accreditation of this event

Programme Content

  • The potential of Big Data analysis for Intensive Care Medicine
  • Patient database queries
  • Development of predictive models.
  • Results obtained so far with this form of research and discuss issues of sensible data security, privacy, and quality

Who should attend this master class?

  • Clinicians, data scientists and statisticians

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