June 11, 2019

ESICM addresses Diversity

How the work of the Society’s Diversity Task Force is evolving


Diversity is an asset of the Society and can be utilised to improve, not just the work of the Society, but also the care that intensivists deliver to their patients.  This is its “ultimate goal”, according to Björn Weiss, Chair of the Diversity Task Force.

In the last year, the Diversity Task Force has built three working groups to deal with gender, gender identification and sexual orientation; ethnicity, race and culture; and multi-professionalism.

Each Working Group has been working on concrete management and research projects to develop diversity within the Society, reduce barriers and to support people within the medical profession.  The Task Force has produced its findings in an official Statement Paper which will be published in the ICM journal in June of this year.

ESICM will also publish an annual diversity report and undertakes to be as transparent and diverse as possible.



Diversity Task Force Chair describes what is being done to develop diversity within the Society, reduce barriers and improve the care intensivists deliver to their patients.


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