June 19, 2019

ESICM on the right path

ESICM’s commitment to diversity, equality and transparency


ESICM is committed to diversity, equality and transparency, and is on the right path, according to Marlies Ostermann, AKI Section Chair and co-Chair of the Diversity Task Force Working Group addressing potential and actual issues related to ethnicity, cultural diversity and socio-economic status within the Society.

Dr Ostermann is encouraged by the recent figures that indicate a significant improvement in the increase of female members joining the Society and NEXT – the future generation of intensivists – and from low and middle income countries.  This has led to a rise in the number of women joining the Society’s various scientific sections.

Although she feels that the Society still faces some challenges and barriers, which the Task Force will need to identify and explore, it is striving to achieve transparency and openness to all its members.


Watch the full interview with Marlies Ostermann:

Read more about the Diversity Task Force and what it has achieved in the last twelve months here.

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