June 16, 2020

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Guiding future strategy & better understanding of competency-based training programmes in intensive care

CoBaTrICE is an international partnership of professional organisations and critical care clinicians, working together to harmonise training in Intensive Care Medicine worldwide and to ensure a common standard of clinical competence.

Training programmes may differ among countries and proper training should be based on what is defined by national training bodies.

By means of a new survey, the Chair of the ESICM Competency Based Training programme in Intensive Care Medicine for Europe (CoBaTrICE), Ignacio MARTIN-LOECHES, aims to gain a better understanding of the adoption of competency-based training programmes in intensive care medicine in different countries.

Be part of this important information gathering and help guide the future strategy to improve CoBaTrICE by completing this new survey, which takes just a few minutes.

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