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Rehabilitate, Recover, Reflect

Rehabilitate – Recover- Reflect: a special COVID-19 Marathon Webinar on the three R’s and lessons learned, with nurses, allied health professionals and physicians involved in caring for COVID-19 patients around the world. Here most of the slides!

Patient rehabilitation – physiotherapy challenges/reflections on COVID experience, David McWilliams

MCWILLIAMS_COVID-19_Webinar DMc – small

Dysphagia following COVID-19, rehabilitation, recovery and reflection, Camilla Dawson

Recover – return to a new normal? Challenges of coming out of surge, Jennifer Jackson


Impact on Nursing & AHP staffing models Ruth Endacott

Building resilience, Jos Latour

What did we learn as a profession of nurses & AHP?, Marta Velia Antonini


velia esicm

What I learned about patient care during COVID, Silvia Calvino Gunther

CALVINO-GUNTHER_COVID-19_Webinar Patient Care SCG_V5

Family interactions: what did we learn? Margo van Mol

Soon replay will be available too, check ESICMtv!

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