EuAsia 2017 Day 1: ESICM Worldwide

ESICM Education Worldwide (P Gruber)

Education is a essential part of ESICM

An international survey of training in adult intensive care medicine.


ESICM Academy


The benefits of worldwide research network (A Pesenti)

Build a community of Critical Care phycisians and nurses

More people, more ideas

Quick enrolment

Specific for ICU

  • mainly syndromes rather than diseases
  • syndromes are common
  • underlying diseases are rare
  • non-homogeneous population in syndromes


Worldwide Intensive Care in the next 20 years (JLV)

JLV predicts (Intensive care medicine in 2050: the future of ICU treatments)

  • Less hospital days, shorter stays – moving pts out of hospital to the community to recover
  • Hospital rooms to become more comfortable and more like your living room
  • Entering room would be computer controlled after handwashed
  • Limits between hospitals and outside will be blurred – more telemedicine
  • Monitors to be miniaturised – biosensor
  • ICUs would make up a bigger proportion of the hospital
  • Death of stethoscope
  • Full extracorporeal support circuit – heart, lung, kidney, liver
  • Automation of numerous processes
  • Personalised medicine

The Future of Critical Care Medicine: Integration and Personalization.