ESICM Podcast with Prof Hashimoto (3/2/2020)

Dr Adrian Wong speaks to Prof Satoru Hashimoto on the #COVID19 situation in Japan in this ESICM podcast.

Dr Adrian Wong is a consultant in critical care in King’s College Hospital, London. He is the chair of the Editorial and Publishing Committee of the ESICM and is passionate about critical care ultrasound and medical education.

Twitter – @avkwong


Professor Satoru Hashimoto is a director of Intensive Care Medicine at the university hospital of Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine. He is an intensivist and at the same time contributing to hospital information technology. He also organized JIPAD (Japanese Intensive Care Patients Database) project as a leader. JIPAD is currently sponsored by Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine and now recruiting more than 50 ICUs in Japan and 150 more ICUs will participate this project soon.


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Q&A with Prof Hashimoto