ESICM Webinar with Prof Bin Du: COVID-19 Update (26/2/2020)

Prof. Bin Du is Director of the Medical ICU, Peking Union Medical College since 2004 and Postgraduate instructor in the Peking Union Medical College since 2003. Currently President of the Chinese Association of Critical Care Physicians and the Immediate Past President of the Chinese Society of Critical Care Medicine.
He gave his first-hand experience of the situation in China and answered questions during this one-hour interactive session.

Prof. Jozef KESECIOGLU, Head of Intensive Care Medicine at the Department of Intensive Care Medicine, University Medical Center Utrecht and President of the ESICM.

Prof. Maurizio CECCONI, Head of the Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Department at the Humanitas Research Hospital, Milan and President elect of the ESICM.

Prof. Bin Du’s slideset


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And finally … The Q&A