Too old for the ICU!

Predicting futility in elderly patients (de Lange)

Can we select elderly patients that survive ICU (Bertrand)

Healthcare-associated costs associated with elderly (Flaatten)

The proportion of elderly patients on the ICU is increasing with a high mortality rate

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The key issue appears to be frailty and comorbidities


Outcome of older persons admitted to intensive care unit, mortality, prognosis factors, dependency scores and ability trajectory within 1 year: a prospective cohort study



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Surviving ICU does not mean surviving till hospital discharge and it certainly does not mean returning to a previous level of function

Ten things to know about critically ill elderly patients

Long-term outcome in medical patients aged 80 or over following admission to an intensive care unit



The ICE-CUB2 trial looked at the effects of a systematic and more structured approach to elderly patients would reduce their mortality.

So should the elderly patient be admitted to the ICU??IMG_0182

So whats the cost??

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Cost analysis of the very elderly admitted to intensive care units