EDIC 1 refresher course: Respiratory and airways management #LIVES2017

The second session to prepare for the EDIC exam was the B of ABC (breathing!)

First the “Australian in Vienna” Associate Prof Corke talked through NIV and high flow – an innovation we’re seeing more and more of across ICUs and indeed the rest of the hospital (?and beyond) See twitter thread for more detail:

Then followed a great talk from Gavin Joint – how to manage a patient that doesn’t wean quickly from mechanical ventilation? – Again detail in this twitter thread:

Claude Guérin then performed a run through of ARDS – what it is, what treatments are available:

Then the session closed with a talk on managing minute volume in COPD and a set of interactive MCQs – for which you have to be here to use the app and vote and practice!  Great prep for an exam, and a good basis for the next few days of more cutting edge talks.