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Adaptive research during pandemic – #ESICMtv #COVIDmarathon

Lennie Derde


Adaptive designs in clinical trials: why use them, and how to run and report them

The Platform Trial An Efficient Strategy for Evaluating Multiple Treatments

Fusing Randomized Trials With Big Data The Key to Self-learning Health Care Systems?

Adaptive platform trials: definition, design, conduct and reporting considerations

The Presentation

ESICM Webinar: How to ventilate in COVID-19

Luigi Camporota, UK

Watch the replay here: How to ventilate in COVID-19


My twitter thread on the webinar

The phenotypes of the disease and the time course

Remember, spontaneous breathing is not always a good thing…..

A stepwise approach to mechanical ventilation…

In conclusion…




And FOAMecmo’s beautiful infographic


Mechanical Ventilation – Basic to Advanced (Masterclass)


  • Controlled MV settings: basics
  • How to assess respiratory mechanics at the bedside
  • Strategies to set PEEP and to achieve lung recruitment

Revisiting the basics of mechanical ventilation with a nice quiz at the end…

Highly recommend   – great (free), short videos on mechanical ventilation


Recruitment Manoeuvres: 3 ways of doing it ….

  • sustained inflation
  • pressure controlled ventilation
  • incremental (decremental) PEEP trial

The ART trial highlighted the potential dangerous of recruitment manoeuvres. It’s effect may be dependant on determining which patients have recruitable lungs in the first place….

IMG_5706 IMG_5707 IMG_5708 IMG_5711 IMG_5713


@luigi_ICM  suggests that an assessment of potential lung recruitability MUST be performed prior to RM.


Do you know your respiratory mechanics equation??

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