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Optimising Ventilation and Oxygenation to Protect Vital Organs in COPD and Hypercapnic Patients

This webinar brings together leading experts to discuss the delivery and monitoring of oxygen for chronic hypercapnic COPD patients and how to ensure that the brain and vital organs are well oxygenated.


Previous evidence does not apply to this: use physiology. #ESICMtv #COVIDmarathon

Prof L Gattinoni


COVID-19 Does Not Lead to a “Typical” Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

The presentation

Does prone position help during spontaneous breathing? #ESICMtv #COVIDmarathon

Laurent Brochard


Use of Prone Positioning in Nonintubated Patients With COVID-19 and Hypoxemic Acute Respiratory Failure

Management of COVID-19 Respiratory Distress

Respiratory Parameters in Patients With COVID-19 After Using Noninvasive Ventilation in the Prone Position Outside the Intensive Care Unit

The presentation