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EGDT the end of an era?

This was a very well attended session that began with Richard Beale taking the room through the history of EGDT – Stephen Cains dog studies showed the link between oxygen delivery and consumption, then Schumaker and Shoemaker (there is a difference!) took the concept into humans and then we had Rivers now famous study.  What i found interesting was the paper by in JAMA ( from surgical patients in the early 90s which really re-ignited the idea of goals and targets, albeit in the more controlled post-op surgical insult population, but this was a key driver for Mani Rivers protocol in his study.

Then Derek Angus gave his presentation which is also going to be available (along with my interview with him afterwards) on the ESICM website to watch.

Then Andrew Rhodes talked about the future and gave some common sense advice on how to treat sepsis.  The room was full – so as JLV said today, that means we still have a problem in how to treat sepsis! Will top the bill at conferences for some time to come yet…