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ICM Year in Review 1

Acute respiratory failure (Jaber)

Guerin et al: Assessement of the rate of diffuse alveolar damage on open lung biopsy performed in the ICU for nonresolving ARDS. The systematic use of steroids in nonresolving ARDS is not recommended.

Zhang et al:  PiCCO does not improve outcome when compared to CVP-based fluid management

Prophylactic extubation onto high flow nasal cannulae does not improve atelectasis

No difference between HFNC and HFFM for preoxygenation before intubation in ICU hypoxemic patients

There is no effect on outcome of sedative/analgesic therapy during NPPV

Implementing a quality improvement program for protocol-directed weaning showed an association with better outcomes in mechanically ventilated patients

Asynchronies during mechanical ventilation are associated with worse outcome

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