February 18, 2019

New version 2.0

The free app that no critical care nurse should be without

Designed for critical care nurses by critical care nurses, AppIC is a free application and practical, evidence-based guide, containing written and visual information about what to do in certain medical situations.

Those caring for the critically ill will find it particularly beneficial, as the app can be taken to the bedside and used as a reference.

Containing useful calculation tools, video footage and links to other resources, plans are also in place to add two new sections: physiotherapy and pediatrics.

The first protocol was launched at the ESICM annual congress in 2017 in Vienna and the version 2, containing more information and updates, followed one year later.

2,200 nurses, allied health professionals and doctors currently use this invaluable educational and potentially life- saving too. Until now, the app was only available in English.  In order to reach a wider and diverse spread of users, it has been translated into French, Spanish, Greek and Italian and future plans are in place to add German.

Our thanks go to the group of nursing and allied health professionals and members of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM), led by intensive care nurse and AppIC Editor in Chief, Anne Sophie Debue (Hôpital Cochin, Paris, France) for their commitment to this project.


To download the app and learn more about the ESICM nursing and allied health professional community, click here.



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