June 25, 2019

Part of the Long-Term Vision and Strategy for N&AHP

Practical Support for N&AHP during their clinical research


The abstract writing workshop that took place during LIVES 2018 attracted 80 N&AHP and a small number of doctors.  The two-hour workshop allowed those taking part to build on their papers and comprised seven different activities.  It is hoped that similar workshops will be repeated every year at the Society’s annual congress.

Workshop animator, Jos Latour (Professor in Clinical Nursing, University of Plymouth, UK, and Associate Head of School for Research at the School of Nursing & Midwifery, Plymouth), would also like to see a provision of specific mentoring for N&AHP to support nursing members through the process of clinical research, from ethics and data collection to analysis and writing.

ESICM is an all-professional Society, seeking a maximum engagement from all its members, and it is his view that members need to work collaboratively to increase research output that will ultimately improve the clinical outcomes of our patients and family members.


More on how Jos Latour envisages the incorporation of N&AHP members into the Society’s initiatives:


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