The BurnICU working group intends to bring ESICM members together who are involved or interested in caring for critically ill burn patients. It will promote education and research in the field. The Working Group will further pursue innovative approaches to funding and managing research on the care and treatment of critically ill burn patients.


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Chair Matthieu Legrand Paris, France

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The prognosis of critically ill burn patients has improved over the last decades. However, the treatment of such patients is still a challenge and many uncertainties remain. As a result, many critically ill burn patients develop severe infections with poor outcomes. The BurnICU working group has been established to address these important challenges with multidisciplinary research teams and clinical, academic and societal engagement.

The major themes for the BurnICU groups are: 

1. Assessment of preventive, diagnostic and curative strategies for complications related to critically ill burn patients 
The translation of strategies applied to non-burn critically ill patients should be investigated as well as specific strategies developed.

2. Refinement of prognostic and diagnostic biomarkers 
The care of critically ill burn patients covers many fields ranging from haemodynamic management and fluid management over nutritional support, infection diagnosis, prevention and control, pain and anaesthesia management, coagulopathy and blood transfusion strategies to mechanical ventilation. All of these fields require accurate biomarkers for diagnosis and therapeutic monitoring in this specific population. The BurnICU working group aims to improve our understanding and promote developments in this field. 

3. Evaluation of initial strategies in non–specialised centres and patient trajectories
As few specialised burn centres exist, many intensivists may have to initiate treatment for critically ill burn patients. The BurnICU working group aims to build bridges between non-specialised intensivists and intensivists who have experience in treating critically ill burn patients to better define patient treatment strategies and optimise management on a global scale. 


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