ESICM Research Award Winners 2010

ESICM Young Investigator Award

Dr Zudin PUTHUCHEARY (United Kingdom)

"Acute muscle loss in critically-ill patients: An observational study"


ESICM Established Investigator Award

Dr Jeffrey LIPMAN (Australia)

"DALI - Defining Antibiotic Levels in Intensive care unit patients"


ESICM Clinical Research Award

Dr Frédéric PENE (France)

"Implication of MAIT cells and other innate-like lymphocytes in the pathophysiology of septic shock"

Dr Mauro ODDO (Switzerland)

"Neuroprotective role of lactate therapy in humans with traumatic brain injury"


ESICM Basic Science Award 

Dr Jérôme MOREL (France)

"Interactions between statins and mitochondria in experimental septic shock"

Dr Katerina VAPORIDI (Greece)

"Targeting microRNA expression as a therapeutic strategy for ventilator-induced lung injury"


ESICM Levi-Montalcini Biomedical Sciences Award

Dr Virginia NEWCOMBE (United Kingdom)

"Pathophysiological changes in perilesional tissue post traumatic brain injury: insights from high resolution diffusion tensor imaging"




BERNHARD DRÄGER Award for advanced treatment of ARF

Dr Jean-Christophe RICHARD (France)

"Clinical validation of electrical impedance tomography as a bedside tool to adjust mechanical ventilation in ARDS"