Organ Donors: How to optimise ICU management of the patient

Organ Donors: How to optimise ICU management of the patient

With the increased rates of organ donations due to rise further in the years to come and the bulk of peri-operative care of these patients residing within the walls of the ICU, the burden of management of these patients lies within the unit. Giuseppe Citerio (Italy) and Beatriz Dominguez-Gil (Spain) chair the ETCO/ESICM joint session focused on “OPTIMISING THE ICU MANAGEMENT OF THE ORGAN DONOR”.

Francesco Procaccio will open the session by updating participants on the importance of changing treatment targets focusing on the acute phase to donation of organs and Rupert Pearse will outline the use of cardiac output monitoring guided haemodynamic therapy in brain dead organ donors. In his presentation, Alexander Manara will answer the vital question: “How to improve transplanted organ performance?”

In his concluding presentation of the session, Franco Valenza will centre in on the impact of intensive care on the organ. He will begin by discussing the vital issues of organ donation. As multi-organ donors rarely meet standard “ideal” donor criteria, Valenza says, extended donor criteria have been introduced to increase the pool of organs. He notes that the use of extended donors highlights the challenge of preserving organs during donor treatment and this is particularly relevant for the lung.

“The use of extended donor criteria has increased the pool of organs available for transplantation, but has increased the challenges associated with multi-organ donor treatment”. (Franco Valenza)

Valenza will also outline lung protective ventilation strategies, which contribute to avoid ventilation-induced lung injury, lung collapse and ultimately to increase the number of organs available for transplantation. Ex-vivo lung perfusion (EVLP) before transplantation is a valuable method to objectively assess or recondition higk risk lungs. He points out that this new possibility allows clinicians to carefully treat lung donors that otherwise would be lost to organ donation.

Joint Session
16.10.2012 08:30-09:30 Paris

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