TRansfusion strategies in Acute brain INjured patients: TRAIN Study

TRansfusion strategies in Acute brain INjured patients: TRAIN Study

New Study from ESICM Trials Group

Does your ICU have neurosurgical facilities?

Do you treat at least 50 patients with acute brain injury each year?

Would you like to participate in a prospective multicentre randomised interventional study on transfusion strategies in these patients? 

If the answers to these questions is YES, then we would like to invite you to join the more than 60 international centres involved in the new TRAIN Study! 

TRAIN (TRansfusion strategies in Acute brain INjured patients) is a prospective multicentre randomised interventional study which will assess the impact of two different strategies to administer blood transfusions in a large cohort of critically ill patients with a primary brain injury. Data collection is set to begin in 2016 and will be limited in scope - (ensuring it will not be an additional burden for participating investigators...)

Fabio Taccone discusses the TRAIN study: 



Interested in joining this novel new study?

Visit the TRAIN webpage to register your interest!


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