Challenging the updated ARDS DEFINITION

Challenging the updated ARDS DEFINITION

One of the key authors of “The Berlin Definition of ARDS”, Marco Ranieri, plus Antonio Pesenti, chair this unmissable session, which will discuss the newest guidelines recently published on ARDS. Pesenti will start the session by laying the groundwork with the rationale for a new ARDS definition, followed by Ranieri who will describe the consensus process that created this new definition.

As with all definitions and guidelines in medicine, questions about validity remain... Luciano Gattinoni will delve into the validity of the new ARDS critieria, citing insights from prior datasets. Finally, Jean-Daniel Chiche will stimulate a follow-up discussion with a forward-looking presentation on how the criteria will shape future research and clinical care.

Thematic Session
17.10.2012 08:30-10:00 Lisbon

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