Nov 27th - Dec 3rd

While the journal publishes a complete issue monthly, we also publish new articles online daily. These ONLINE FIRST articles include high-quality research from studies and clinical trials as well as images, editorials and correspondence.

In order to keep you up to date with the newest of ICM, we have compiled a list of all ONLINE FIRST articles from this week, November 27th - December 3rd, 2014. You can find this handy list with links to the articles below.

Acute respiratory distress syndrome in kidney transplant recipients. (Letter) Wan Q et al.

Critical illness-induced dysglycemia and the brain. (Review) Sonneville et al.

Failure of renal biomarkers to predict worsening renal function in high-risk patients presenting with oliguria. (Original) Legrand M et al.

Micafungin at a standard dosage of 100 mg/day achieves adequate plasma exposure in critically ill patients with severe burn injuries. (Letter) Asensio M. J. et al.

Quantitative measurement of heparin in comparison with conventional anticoagulation monitoring and the risk of thrombotic events in adults on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. (Letter) Chu D et al.

Damage control resuscitation using blood component therapy in standard doses has a limited effect on coagulopathy during trauma haemorrhage. (Original) Khan S et al.

Left upper lobe partial anomalous pulmonary venous return. (Image) Boroli F et al.

Recent developments in the management of persistent hypoxemia under veno-venous ECMO. (What's New) Levy B et al.   

Risk factors associated with the onset of daptomycin non-susceptibility in Staphylococcus aureus infections in critically ill patients. (Letter) Bassetti M et al.

Volume expansion in the first 4 days of shock: a prospective multicentre study in 19 French intensive care units. (Original) Boulain T et al.

Nutrition in the ICU: Proof of the pudding is in the tasting. (Editorial) Singer P and Cohen J.   

Am I dead? A patient’s experience with delirium. (From the Inside) Vavuris J.

Preparing an ICU room to welcome a critically ill patient with Ebola virus disease. (Image) Pasquier P et al.

Ebola care and research protocols. (What's New) Perner A et al.   

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