Learn to rapidly detect and treat this deadly infection in your patients...

Learn to rapidly detect and treat this deadly infection in your patients...

Interactive Sepsis Course @ LIVES 

While international guidelines have been widely disseminated and have lessened the overall mortality rates related to sepsis, this condition remains a dire one for patients in intensive care. The two-day interactive course "SEPTIC SHOCK: FROM THE INFECTIOUS PROCESS TO THE CIRCULATORY FAILURE FROM THEORY TO PRACTICE" at LIVES 2015 deals with the practical aspects of managing a patient from detection of infection to treatment of septic shock.

Core Course Presentations

(full programme available all on the iPlanner)

  • First checklist for a proper diagnosis    
  • When the source is not obvious    
  • Diagnostic quiz    
  • Antibiotic susceptibility testings for the dummy
  • Antimicrobials in the first hours
  • Cardiovascular pathophysiology: Understanding functional haemodynamics    
  • From minimal monitoring to Airbus cockpit?    
  • What can't echocardiography tell you?    
  • Assessing response to therapy: SvO2, lactate, PCO2 gap, and others
  • How to give fluids    
  • How to use vasoactive drugs    
  • Protecting the lungs or the kidneys













Utilising real life clinical cases, international experts* from the field will guide participants step by step through the process, specifically dealing with how to improve rapid detection, manage the infectious process, optimise management of shock and adapt international guidelines to the bedside.

Hands-On Workshops
  • How to monitor fluid responsiveness
  • Understanding volumes
  • Optimising the patient with ARDS
  • Initial stabilisation of shock 
  • Optimising the microcirculation






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*Course Faculty

Antonio Artigas 
Jan Bakker
Richard Beale
Maurizio Cecconi
Jan De Waele 
Philippe Eggimann
Claude Martin
Xavier Monnet 
José Artur Paiva
Laurent Papazian 
Didier Payen 
Azriel Perel
Michael Pinsky
Daniel Reuter  
Ricard Ferrer Roca
Thomas Scheeren
Pierre Squara 
Romain Sonneville
Jean-Louis Teboul
Jean-François Timsit
Tobias Welte 
Jean-Ralph Zahar

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