Three top experts, including this years' ESICM Society Medal recipient Andy Rhodes will treat participants to keynote presentations. Mitchell Levy and Peter Pickkers offer up a little taste of what to expect from their presentations in this featured session... 


The flip side of the coin    
Speaker: Mitchell Levy, Providence, United States

As an ICU clinician, it is all too easy to forget what it is like to be a patient or family member, especially if we’ve never been ill or had a loved one with a serious illness. Spending time “on the other side” provides insight into the “human” aspect of illness—the fear, loneliness, isolation and frustration that are constant companions for patients and their loved ones who face serious illness.



PHOTO (Courtesy of ML): M. Levy's son Ashoka's arrival in Nebraska for treatment





Thinking immune thoughts    
Speaker: Peter Pickkers, Nijmegen, Netherlands

Both the autonomic nervous system and the immune system are regarded as systems that cannot be voluntarily influenced. Using a short-term training programme, consisting of meditation, breathing techniques and cold exposure, this dogma was challenged.

So, are humans capable to modulate their immune response at will?



PHOTO (Courtesy of PP)





Also presenting in this unmissable opening session: ESICM Past-President Andrew Rhodes (London, United Kingdom)

  • Full disclosure of health performance data: How should we share with the public? 


Open your congress with this jam-packed session...


OPENING SESSION ~ Thematic Session

Sunday October 4th 2015, 17:00-18:40, Room Berlin 

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