No care professional working in the ICU can deny the strong impact of ethical dogmata on treatment decisions. In this lively thematic session, top specialists will debate the key issues related to the ethical choices made daily and discuss the need to re-evaluate the strong influences of value systems in decision making.

Chairs Charles Sprung and Andrej Michalsen mediate this potential ethical minefield of debate which begins with the  "Thou shalt not kill" principle presented by Sprung followed by "Doctor, help me die!" eloquently presented by Armand Girbes. 

"Doctor, help me die!" 

All patients will die at the end of their life, but how? The contrast could not be more clear, illustrated by just one day in the news: On the day that former Israeli Prime Minister Sharon died at the age of 85 years after 8 years of coma, in the Netherlands, news was spreading about actively ending the life of a 35-year old psychiatric patient with severe bacteriophobia. 

"Part of our work is also to guide, help and support the patient in the battlefield road to death and to have mercy..." Armand Girbes

This indicates enormous differences in interpretation of ethic values in different countries. However, in the ICU the question of the patient in end-of-life situations is not merely “Doctor, help me die” but “Doctor, stop impeding me to die since I am at the end of my life”. This does not mean we stop treatment, since we only stop treating a patient when he is dead. The intensive care road to death is a battlefield, but where we as doctors know better is how to guide the dying patient. The issue is, how do we treat a dying patient according to his will in the most comfortable and supportive way: for the patient, and for his loved ones.

I do not fear life nor death but it is the transition that scares me ~ Seneca

Other ethical dogmata to be debated in this session include the dead-donor rule and patient autonomy. 

Where do you fall on these issues? Discover where you stand during this thought-provoking thematic session...

 Thematic Session ~ DOGMATA DEBATED 2014

01.10.2014, 12:00 – 14:00 - room Glasgow

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