As far back as ancient Greece it was recognised that errors were possible  - if not inevitable. In intensive care, an error can have catastrophic effects if not caught and resolved in time. In this essential State of the Art session, recent developments in patient safety will be covered and practical issues concerning error prevention will be discussed.

Bertrand Guidet will set the stage with his presentation: The safe ICU: Dream and reality followed by a practical discussion - Running morbidity and mortality rounds provided by Hans Flaatten, who can utilise his experiences in ICUs in differing areas of the world.

In any discussion of patient safety it is imperative to deal with errors. In his presentation, Andreas Valentin focuses on medication errors - and the most crucial related aspect - how to minimise them. Rui Moreno delves into a deeper issue related to errors in his presentation - The hidden problem: Diagnostic errors  and Andrew Rhodes touches on the impact of staffing and hours on patient safety in his presentation, Workforce and infrastructure: A system error?

To round out this essential session, Julian Bion, one the preeminent patient safety experts in the world presents on Safety climate.  

Julian Bion: ‘Climate’ does not exist as a genuinely measurable entity. It is instead a collation of individual attitudes and behaviours which are very complex to measure and which are rarely stable in time. The key to developing a constructive set of organisational attitudes and behaviours is effective leadership and individual reflective learning, combined with patient engagement.

Mark your agenda and ensure you don't miss this fundamental session on Patient Safety!

State of the Art Session ~ A FOCUS ON PATIENT SAFETY

29.09.2014, 16:00 – 18:00, room Geneva

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