Joint Session with ERC

This joint session with ERC is set to guide practitioners through the best practice in post-cardiac arrest patient management.  Speakers will discuss all the main treatments and strategies and their current relevance in dealing with patients immediately following cardiac arrest. 

Jacques Duranteau and Jerry Nolan will chair this detailed session on best practices. Should we still use epinephrine during CPR? will be the subject of the lead-off presentation by Nolan, followed by a discussion of mechanical circulatory assistance in cardiac arrest head by Alain Combes. 

Is oxygen a double-edged sword in post CA? Fabio Silvio Taccone will present his evidence to this effect. A treatment of much discussion and now in common use across Europe, Alain Cariou will advice on when and how to cool post-cardiac arrest patients and at which temperatures.

Hans Friberg will conclude this full session with a presentation on prognostication after cardiac arrest noting that a clinical neurological examination remains the foundation for prognostication of outcome after cardiac arrest. In addition, one or more prognostic tools should be used to support decisions on level of care in comatose patients. EEG and CT should be available, while increased use of SSEP is desirable.

Prognostication after cardiac arrest has become more complex due to hypothermia and sedation and previous recommendations need to be revised. A protocol-based strategy is recommended, using multiple prognostic tools and delayed assessment. ~Hans Friberg

Friberg also stresses that enough time should be given to allow the comatose patient to regain consciousness due to the risk of lingering analgo-sedation. A delayed neurological examination at 72 hours after rewarming or later is recommended.

This session will update clinicians on the current most appropriate post-cardiac arrest management and guide participants on the development of a clear strategy in dealing with one of the most common conditions encountered in the ER and ICU...


Monday October 7th 2013, 14:15 - 15:50, Room Geneva

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