Are you Ready for the Next Pandemics?

Are you Ready for the Next Pandemics?

Thematic Session - WHAT IS SARI NOW?

This thematic session "What is SARI now?" will zero in on new threats on the infection horizon. Three top clinicians from around the globe will bring their hands-on experiences with severe flu and viral respiratory infections to this timely, must-see session. 

Chairs Younsuck Koh (Seoul, Korea) and Bin Du (Beijing, China) will lead this session, focusing first on what have we learned in the last decade about viral pneumonia. Bin Du will present on "the new flu" and its ramifications on intensive care and healthcare provisions in general.

For his presentation in this topical session, Steve Webb (Perth, Australia) will key in on strategies for preparing for new pandemics. Currently, he notes that a moderate or severe influenza pandemic would exceed existing ICU surge capacity. Although this is not a foregone conclusion: ICU surge capacity can be optimised by prior planning for staffing, consumables and equipment, bed-space availability and management systems.

"Pandemics represent an existential global infectious diseases threat.  Pandemics of even mild to moderate severity will have their major clinical impact through admissions to ICUs. This means intensivists will be on the front-line and the time to plan for our role is now". Steve Webb

Webb will also highlight the role of clinical research in informing clinicians about optimal management of patients as well as to inform public health authorities on optimal policy making.

Existing infrastructure for clinical research has proven inadequate and a globally coordinated, pre-planned and pre-approved research response is necessary for any future pandemic.

Participants will walk away from this session with a knowledge of the epidemiology of flu and severe viral respiratory infections as well as practical, useable recommendations for admitting severe flu patients in ICUs.

Learn about the next pandemics today in this essential session...


Monday October 7th 2013, 08:30 -09:30, Room Stockholm

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