ICM Articles of the Month

ICM Articles of the Month

July 2013

Conference Reports and Expert Panel  

Updated Definitions and Guidelines from WSACS

Intra-abdominal hypertension and the abdominal compartment syndrome: updated consensus definitions and clinical practice guidelines from the World Society of the Abdominal Compartment Syndrome 

•Kirkpatrick et al.updated the 2006 consensus definitions on intra-abdominal hypertension and ACS.They make clear recommendations based on a review of the recent literature and underline areas in which the results of new trials are awaited before strong recommendations can be made.


SIRS, Sepsis & Vancomycin Dosing

Systemic inflammatory response syndrome criteria and vancomycin dose requirement in patients with sepsis 

•In their observational study conducted the Osaka National Hospital, Shimamoto et al. found that patients with SIRS had a significantly higher vancomycin clearance than those without SIRS. Increased vancomycin dosage may be needed in patients with SIRS to maintain the therapeutic target concentration. 

From the Inside 

Tribute to a Family Member

Farewell to a beloved grandfather 

•This edition of 'From the Inside' submitted by C. Jones features extracts from a patient’s diary in an emotional tribute to a family member.

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