Enjoy the round-up of Intensive Care Medicine's ONLINE FIRST articles from February 25th - March 10th... 

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine ~ When intra-aortic balloon pump is intra-abdominal balloon pump. Nicolas Mongardon, Dominique Vodovar, Hakim Haouache, Gilles Dhonneur 

Editorial ~ Evidence about inotropes: when is enough, enough? Anthony C. Gordon       

Original ~ Asynchronies during mechanical ventilation are associated with mortality. Lluís Blanch, Ana Villagra, Bernat Sales, Jaume Montanya, Umberto Lucangelo, Manel Luján, Oscar García-Esquirol, Encarna Chacón, Anna Estruga, Joan C. Oliva, Alberto Hernández-Abadia, Guillermo M. Albaiceta, Enrique Fernández-Mondejar, Rafael Fernández, Josefina Lopez-Aguilar, Jesús Villar, Gastón Murias, Robert M. Kacmarek    

Original ~ Measuring diaphragm thickness with ultrasound in mechanically ventilated patients: feasibility, reproducibility and validity. Ewan C. Goligher, Franco Laghi, Michael E. Detsky, Paulina Farias, Alistair Murray, Deborah Brace, Laurent J. Brochard, Steffen Sebastien-Bolz, Gordon D. Rubenfeld, Brian P. Kavanagh, Niall D. Ferguson    

Correspondence ~ Oxygen and cardiac arrest: the timepoint matters. Otmar Schindler, Geza Gemes, Walter Spindelboeck    

Editorial ~ Chronotypes, night shifts and intensive care. Andrew C. Argent, Julie Benbenishty, Hans Flaatten    

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine ~ Early thrombus formation on a pulmonary artery catheter. Matteo Parotto, Marjan Jariani, Duminda Wijeysundera, Massimiliano Meineri    

Systematic Review ~ Impact of follow-up consultations for ICU survivors on post-ICU syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis. J. F. Jensen, T. Thomsen, D. Overgaard, M. H. Bestle, D. Christensen, I. Egerod    

Original ~ Outcome of acute mesenteric ischaemia in the intensive care unit: a retrospective, multicentre study of 780 cases. Marc Leone, Carole Bechis, Karine Baumstarck, Alexandre Ouattara, Olivier Collange, Pascal Augustin, Djillali Annane, Charlotte Arbelot, Karim Asehnoune, Olivier Baldési, Simon Bourcier, Laurence Delapierre, Didier Demory, Baptiste Hengy, Carole Ichai, Eric Kipnis, Etienne Brasdefer, Sigismond Lasocki, Matthieu Legrand, Olivier Mimoz, Thomas Rimmelé, Jugurtha Aliane, Pierre-Marie Bertrand, Nicolas Bruder, Fanny Klasen, Emilie Friou, Bruno Lévy, Oriane Martinez, Eric Peytel, Alexandra Piton, Elisa Richter, Kamel Toufik, Marie-Charlotte Vogler, Florent Wallet, Mourad Boufi, Bernard Allaouchiche, Jean-Michel Constantin, Claude Martin, Samir Jaber and Jean-Yves Lefrant   

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine ~ Reverse triggering in a patient with ARDS. Hodane Yonis, Florent Gobert, Romain Tapponnier, Claude Guérin   

What's New in Intensive Care ~ Severe preeclampsia: what’s new in intensive care? Marc Leone, Sharon Einav    

From the Inside ~ Extracorporeal life support, ethics, and questions at the bedside: how does the end of the pathway look? Thomas Bein, Steffen Weber-Carstens, Margaret Herridge    

What's New in Intensive Care ~ Ten old antibiotics that will never disappear. Matteo Bassetti, Matthew E. Falagas, Marin Kollef    

From the Inside ~ Where was I when I was in a coma? Christos Lazaridis       

Letter ~ Incorporation of a haemofilter circuit into venoarterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: a novel approach to provide more oxygenation. Zhongheng Zhang, Kun Chen, Hongying Ni, Xiao Xu        

Original ~ Probiotic prophylaxis to prevent ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) in children on mechanical ventilation: an open-label randomised controlled trial. Balasubramaniam Banupriya, Niranjan Biswal, Rangan Srinivasaraghavan, Parameswaran Narayanan, Jharna Mandal    

What's New in Intensive Care ~ What’s new in sedation strategies? Ilse Gradwohl-Matis, Sangeeta Mehta, Martin W. Dünser    


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