Letter ~ Common genomic variation in the FER gene: useful to stratify patients with sepsis due to pneumonia? F. Schöneweck, E. Kuhnt, M. Scholz, F. M. Brunkhorst, A Scherag

Correspondence ~ Considerations regarding safe transport and transfer for Ebola patients in western countries. Francesco Maria Fusco, Vincenzo Puro, Giuseppe Ippolito

Letter ~ Oxidative phosphorylation gene expression falls at onset and throughout the development of meningococcal sepsis-induced multi-organ failure in children. Sainath Raman, Nigel Klein, Antonia Kwan, Mike Hubank, Shamima Rahman, Asrar Rashid, Mark J. Peters

Correspondence ~ DAD in nonresolving ARDS provides support for prolonged glucocorticoid treatment: a rebuttal. Claude Guerin

Correspondence ~ Failure of high-flow nasal cannula and delayed intubation: a new harmful sequence? Antonio M. Esquinas, Rachael Parke, Alex H. Gifford

Editorial ~ Personalised medicine, endotypes, and intensive care medicine. Hector R. Wong

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine ~ Placement of nasogastric tube complicated by hydropneumothorax. Valter R. Fonseca, Guilherme Domingos, Pedro Alves, Rosa Ribeiro

Systematic Review ~ Fluid type and the use of renal replacement therapy in sepsis: a systematic review and network meta-analysis. B. Rochwerg, W. Alhazzani, A Gibson, C. M. Ribic, A. Sindi, D. Heels-Ansdell, L. Thabane, A. Fox-Robichaud, L. Mbuagbaw, W. Szczeklik, F. Alshamsi, S. Altayyar, W. Ip, G. Li, M. Wang, A. W?udarczyk, Q. Zhou, D. Annane, D. J. Cook, R. Jaeschke, G. H. Guyatt

Systematic Review ~ Global variability in withholding and withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment in the intensive care unit: a systematic review. N. M. Mark, S. G. Rayner, N. J. Lee, J. R. Curtis

What's New in Intensive Care ~ Ten practical strategies for effective communication with relatives of ICU patients. Stephen Warrillow, KJ Farley, Daryl Jones

What's New in Intensive Care ~ What’s new about heparin-induced thrombocytopenia type II. Yasser Sakr

Letter ~ Life-threatening complications of acute pancreatitis. Chaonan Liu, Si Chen, Yu Zhao, Juan Liao, Zejiang Liu, Yuemei Chen, Wenjing Zhou, Jing Zhou

My Paper 20 Years Later ~ Paediatric continuous renal replacement: 20 years later. Claudio Ronco, Zaccaria Ricci

Original ~ Feasibility and utility of the use of real time random safety audits in adult ICU patients: a multicentre study. M. Bodí, M. Olona, M. C. Martín, R. Alceaga, J. C. Rodríguez, E. Corral, J. M. Pérez Villares, G. Sirgo

Seven-Day Profile Publication ~ High-flow nasal cannula oxygen during endotracheal intubation in hypoxemic patients: a randomised controlled clinical trial. Mickaël Vourc’h, Pierre Asfar, Christelle Volteau, Konstantinos Bachoumas, Noëmie Clavieras, Pierre-Yves Egreteau, Karim Asehnoune, Alain Mercat, Jean Reignier, Samir Jaber, Gwenaël Prat, Antoine Roquilly, Noëlle Brule, Daniel Villers, Cédric Bretonniere, Christophe Guitton

Correspondence ~ Impact on outcome of delayed intubation with high-flow nasal cannula oxygen: is the device solely responsible? Jean-Damien Ricard, Jonathan Messika, Benjamin Sztrymf, Stéphane Gaudry

Editorial ~ Primum non nocere and challenging conventional treatment. Adam M. Deane, Gordon H. Guyatt

Correspondence ~ Use of Type III procollagen measurement as predictor of lung fibroproliferation in ARDS: early measurement for earlier antifibroproliferative therapy? Rémi Coudroy, Angéline Jamet, Oscar Peñuelas, Arnaud W. Thille

(OPEN ACCESSSeven-Day Profile Publication ~ Early use of polymyxin B haemoperfusion in patients with septic shock due to peritonitis: a multicentre randomised control trial. Didier M. Payen, Joelle Guilhot, Yoann Launey, Anne Claire Lukaszewicz, Mahmoud Kaaki, Benoit Veber, Julien Pottecher, Olivier Joannes-Boyau, Laurent Martin-Lefevre, Matthieu Jabaudon, Olivier Mimoz, Rémi Coudroy, Martine Ferrandière, Eric Kipnis, Carlos Vela, Stéphanie Chevallier, Jihad Mallat, René Robert

Correspondence ~ Effectiveness of treatment based on transpulmonary thermodilution in critically ill patients. Manuel Sánchez-Sánchez, Abelardo Garcia-de-Lorenzo, Maria Jose Asensio, Eva Herrero, Lucia Cachafeiro, Alexander Agrifoglio

Correspondence ~ Effectiveness of treatment based on transpulmonary thermodilution in critically ill patients: response to comments by Sánchez et al. Zhongheng Zhang, Hongying Ni

Letter ~ Peripheral venous waveform analysis for detecting early haemorrhage: a pilot study. Bantayehu Sileshi, Kyle M. Hocking, Richard B. Boyer, Franz J. Baudenbacher, Kelly L. Kohurst, Colleen M. Brophy, Susan Eagle

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine ~ Long-segment caval thrombus after removal of ECMO cannula. Thomas Bein, Alois Philipp, Benedikt Pregler, Ekaterina Noeva, Bernhard M. Graf, Christian Stroszczynski

Original ~ Prevalence and outcome of gastrointestinal bleeding and use of acid suppressants in acutely ill adult intensive care patients. Mette Krag, Anders Perner, Jørn Wetterslev, Matt P. Wise, Mark Borthwick, Stepani Bendel, Colin McArthur, Deborah Cook, Niklas Nielsen, Paolo Pelosi, Frederik Keus, Anne Berit Guttormsen, Alma D. Moller, Morten Hylander Møller

What's New in Intensive Care ~ Ten strategies to increase survival of cardiac arrest patients. Alain Cariou, Jerry P. Nolan, Kjetil Sunde

Letter ~ Clinical significance of Candida colonisation of central vascular catheters in patients with major burns requiring intensive care. Alexandra Fochtmann, Christina Forstner, Maike Keck, Gabriela Muschitz, Elisabeth Presterl, Gerald Ihra, Thomas Rath



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