Here's a round-up of the most recent research, editorials, reviews and correspondence published in ICM's ONLINE FIRST:

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine ~ Acute ruptured mycotic aneurysm mimicking myocardial tumor with ST elevation myocardial infarctionWei-Ting Chang, Nan-Haw Chow, Yi-Shan Tsai, Chih-Chan Lin

Original ~ Direct extubation onto high-flow nasal cannulae post-cardiac surgery versus standard treatment in patients with a BMI ?30: a randomised controlled trialAmanda Corley, Taressa Bull, Amy J. Spooner, Adrian G. Barnett, John F. Fraser

Original ~ Early physical rehabilitation in intensive care patients with sepsis syndromes: a pilot randomised controlled trialGeetha Kayambu, Robert Boots, Jennifer Paratz

Review ~ Health-related quality of life following paediatric critical illnessFrançois Aspesberro, Rita Mangione-Smith, Jerry J. Zimmerman

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine ~ Molding thrombus of an ECMO cannula floating in the right atriumPhilippe Morimont, Bernard Lambermont, Valérie Gaspard, Jean-Olivier Defraigne

Original ~ Phenotypic clusters within sepsis-associated multiple organ dysfunction syndromeDaniel B. Knox, Michael J. Lanspa, Kathryn G. Kuttler, Simon C. Brewer, Samuel M. Brown

Correspondence ~ Testing current practice is no mistake. Anders Perner, Nicolai Haase, Jørn Wetterslev, Lars B. Holst

Correspondence ~ Response to Perner et al.: testing current practice is no mistakeJean-Louis Vincent, Jesse B. Hall, Arthur S. Slutsky

Editorial ~ Venous–arterial CO2 to arterial–venous O2 difference ratio as a resuscitation target in shock states? Stephan M. Jakob, A. B. Johan Groeneveld, Jean-Louis Teboul

What's New in Intensive Care ~ What’s new on the HPA axis? Johannes Hofland, Jan Bakker, Richard A. Feelders

Editorial ~ Understanding the setting of PEEP from oesophageal pressure in patients with ARDSDavide Chiumello, Claude Guérin

Correspondence ~ Immunomodulatory adjunctive treatment options for Ebola virus disease patients. Peter Pickkers, André van der Ven, Mihai G. Netea

Original ~ Association of prior antiplatelet agents with mortality in sepsis patients: a nationwide population-based cohort study. Min-Juei Tsai, Shuo-Ming Ou, Chia-Jen Shih, Pei-wen Chao, Lan-Fu Wang, Yu-Ning Shih, Szu-Yuan Li, Shu-Chen Kuo, Yen-Tao Hsu, Yung-Tai Chen

Understanding the Disease ~ Understanding preload reserve using functional haemodynamic monitoring. Michael R. Pinsky

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