Intensive Care Medicine: ONLINE FIRST articles

Intensive Care Medicine: ONLINE FIRST articles


March 24 - 27

What's New in Intensive Care ~ Ten recent advances that could not have come about without applying physiology. Michael R. Pinsky, Laurent Brochard, John A. Kellum        

Systematic Review ~ Diastolic dysfunction and mortality in septic patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Filippo Sanfilippo, Carlos Corredor, Nick Fletcher, Giora Landesberg, Umberto Benedetto, Pierre Foex, Maurizio Cecconi        

What's New in Intensive Care (OPEN ACCESS) ~ Pre-hospital transportation in Western countries for Ebola patients, comparison of guidelines. H. Coignard-Biehler, A. Isakov, J. Stephenson    

Original ~ Survival in patients without acute ST elevation after cardiac arrest and association with early coronary angiography: a post hoc analysis from the TTM trial. J. Dankiewicz, N. Nielsen, M. Annborn, T. Cronberg, D. Erlinge, Y. Gasche, C. Hassager, J. Kjaergaard, T. Pellis, H. Friberg       


Original (OPEN ACCESS) ~ A clinical prediction model to identify patients at high risk of death in the emergency department. Michael Coslovsky, Jukka Takala, Aristomenis K. Exadaktylos, Luca Martinolli, Tobias M. Merz    
Original (OPEN ACCESS) ~ Combination of arterial lactate levels and venous-arterial CO2 to arterial-venous O2 content difference ratio as markers of resuscitation in patients with septic shock. Gustavo A. Ospina-Tascón, Mauricio Umaña, William Bermúdez, Diego F. Bautista-Rincón, Glenn Hernandez, Alejandro Bruhn, Marcela Granados, Blanca Salazar, César Arango-Dávila, Daniel De Backer       
Original ~ Effects of a recruitment maneuver on plasma levels of soluble RAGE in patients with diffuse acute respiratory distress syndrome: a prospective randomised crossover study. Matthieu Jabaudon, Nacim Hamroun, Laurence Roszyk, Renaud Guérin, Jean-Etienne Bazin, Vincent Sapin, Bruno Pereira, Jean-Michel Constantin 


Original ~ Impact of early nutrition and feeding route on outcomes of mechanically ventilated patients with shock: a post hoc marginal structural model study. Jean Reignier, Michael Darmon, Romain Sonneville, Anne-Laure Borel, Maité Garrouste-Orgeas, Stéphane Ruckly, Bertrand Souweine, Anne-Sylvie Dumenil, Hakim Haouache, Christophe Adrie, Laurent Argaud, Lilia Soufir, Guillaume Marcotte, Virginie Laurent, Dany Goldgran-Toledano, Christophe Clec’h, Carole Schwebel, Elie Azoulay, Jean-François Timsit   

From the Inside ~ Non-verbal communication to restore patient–provider trust. Julie Sarah Benbenishty, Jordan R. Hannink        

Review ~ Preventive and therapeutic strategies in critically ill patients with highly resistant bacteria. Matteo Bassetti, Jan J. De Waele, Philippe Eggimann, Josè Garnacho-Montero, Gunnar Kahlmeter, Francesco Menichetti, David P. Nicolau, Jose Arturo Paiva, Mario Tumbarello, Tobias Welte, Mark Wilcox, Jean Ralph Zahar, Garyphallia Poulakou       

PRO/CON DEBATE ~ Rescue therapy for refractory ARDS should be offered early. 


PRO: Alain Combes, Marco Ranieri
CON: Daniel Brodie, Claude Guérin
NOT SURE: Antoine Roch, Laurent Papazian     


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