This Week's ONLINE FIRST Articles

This Week's ONLINE FIRST Articles

Find all of the links to ICM's ONLINE FIRST articles from this week, December 4th - 11th, 2014 below.

Is there a role for physician involvement in introducing research to surrogate decision makers in the intensive care unit? (The Approach trial: a pilot mixed methods study)(Original) Burns K.E.A. et al.

The electrolarynx improves communication in a selected group of mechanically ventilated critically ill patients: a feasibility study(Letter) Tuinman P.R. et al.

An unusual journey of a pulmonary artery catheter through the heart(Image) Abdo W and van der Hoeven J.

Biology and pathology of fibroproliferation following the acute respiratory distress syndrome. (Editorial) Hendrickson C. et al.

Comments on Cecconi et al.: Consensus on circulatory shock and hemodynamic monitoring. Task force of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine. (Correspondence) Agudelo Torres D.E. et al.

Mortality is the only relevant outcome in ARDS: yes(Editorial) Moss M.

Mortality is the only relevant outcome in ARDS: no. (Editorial) Kress J.

Open lung biopsy in nonresolving ARDS frequently identifies diffuse alveolar damage regardless of the severity stage and may have implications for patient management. (Original) Guerin C. et al.

The tens of thousands of lives saved by randomised clinical trials in critical care. (What's New in Intensive Care) Doig G. et al.

Future therapies for ARDS. (What's New in Intensive Care) Curley G and Laffey J.

The association between hyperoxia and patient outcomes after cardiac arrest: analysis of a high-resolution database. (Original) Elmer J. et al.

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