ONLINE FIRST: This week's top ICM articles

ONLINE FIRST: This week's top ICM articles

Find links to all of the newest top articles from Intensive Care Medicine's  ONLINE FIRST this week - February 9th - 16th 2015 here:

Letter ~ Direct sodium measurement prevents underestimation of hyponatremia in critically ill patients. W. van den Ancker, I. A. Haagen, P. H. J. van der Voort 

Original ~ ICU survivors show no decline in health-related quality of life after 5 yearsJosé G. M. Hofhuis, Henk F. van Stel, Augustinus J. P. Schrijvers, Johannes H. Rommes, Peter E. Spronk 

Systematic Review (OPEN ACCESS) ~ Improving clinical handover between intensive care unit and general ward professionals at intensive care unit discharge. Nelleke van Sluisveld, Gijs Hesselink, Johannes Gerardus van der Hoeven, Gert Westert, Hub Wollersheim, Marieke Zegers 

Original ~ Preemptive enteral nutrition enriched with eicosapentaenoic acid, gamma-linolenic acid and antioxidants in severe multiple trauma: a prospective, randomised, double-blind study.  Ilya Kagan, Jonathan Cohen, Michael Stein, Itai Bendavid, Dana Pinsker, Veronica Silva, Miriam Theilla, Ronit Anbar, Shaul Lev, Milana Grinev, Pierre Singer 

Original ~ The effect of chronotype on sleepiness, fatigue, and psychomotor vigilance of ICU nurses during the night shift. Laurens Reinke, Yusuf Özbay, Willem Dieperink, Jaap E. Tulleken 

What's New in Intensive Care ~ What’s new in postoperative intensive care after bariatric surgery? Philippe Montravers, Lara Ribeiro-Parenti, Camille Welsch 

What's New in Intensive Care ~ What’s new in respiratory physiology? The expanding chest wall revisited! Ola Stenqvist, Luciano Gattinoni, Göran Hedenstierna 

Editorial ~ Can one size fit all? The fine line between fluid overload and hypovolemiaThierry Boulain, Maurizio Cecconi 

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine ~ Surgical fixation of rib fractures in chest wall trauma. Jean-Michel Maury, Gaëtane Roquet, Guillaume Marcotte, Jean-Stephane David 

Systematic Review ~ Assessment of impairment and activity limitations in the critically ill: a systematic review of measurement instruments and their clinimetric propertiesSelina M. Parry, Catherine L. Granger, Sue Berney, Jennifer Jones, Lisa Beach, Doa El-Ansary, René Koopman, Linda Denehy 

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