Education Update - June 2013

Education Update - June 2013


Arrhythmia  ~  Updated PDF  

This module, which deals with a fundamental area of Critical Care practice, has been extensively revised and updated by well known ESICM contributor, Gorazd Voga of Celje and Andrej Pernat of Ljubljana, Slovenia. This module has also been expanded to incorporate pacemaker therapy, thus addressing a previous gap in the total PACT on-line education programme. You will find it is easy to read, starting with ECG assessment, and moving quickly to various (especially ischaemic) cardiac injuries while constantly relating the arrhythmia in question to the site and nature of the underlying pathology.  

Understanding the underlying pathology of various arrhythmias including that of the very common ICU arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation(AF), is well addressed as is the issue of anticoagulation therapy for AF in Critical Care. The everyday, practical therapeutic approach to arrhythmias and conduction defects (including bundle branch blocks) is neatly summarised in a supplementary section of six ‘simple (arrhythmia) management rules’.  

There is a comprehensive section on cardiac conduction defects, incorporating emergency transvenous pacing (in ICU) for heart block and the management of pacemaker-related difficulties - including device malfunction. The module finishes with the clinical management of supraventricular tachcardias (SVTs) and ventricular tachycardias (VTs), their diagnostic distinction - especially in the presence of aberrant conduction, and with the full management of refractory VT. 

An Emergency Department admission of a sick cardiomyopathy patient is the subject of the Patient Challenge (PATCH). The reader is taken through the acute medical evolution, the Critical Care referral and ICU admission, while the clinically important learning issues are sequentially identified.

You will get a lot from this updated, expanded module - including updated references and access to recommended informative and useful websites. 

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D Phelan, Editor-In-Chief, PACT 

AB Guttormsen, Deputy Editor-In-Chief, PACT


EDIC Part I Autumn Session Update

The 2013 EDIC Part I Autumn Session exams will be held in two sites during the ESICM Annual Congress on October 7, 2013 in Paris, France (300 seats) and Bern, Switzerland (50 seats)  Registration for for this session is set to open on July 5th @ 11:00 CET. 

*Prior to registration, candidates should visit the EDIC webpages to review the updated examination guidelines and fees.

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