A Letter to EDIC Candidates

A Letter to EDIC Candidates

Dear EDIC Candidates,

We would first like to thank you for registration for the EDIC I & II Spring Session. As you are aware, we have implemented a new system for online registration, which will allow you more and easier access to your EDIC profile. 

Currently, our EDIC officer is working on individually validating EDIC I registrations, and when this process is complete, EDIC II validation will begin. This is a time-consuming process requiring great attention to detail and we apologise for any delay. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Candidates who have registered at a centre, fully completed their data file and have submitted proper documents should not be concerned. Your place should remain reserved despite any delay in validation. Any payment concerns can be dealt with after you receive validation.

We thank you for your patience!

Kind regards,

Your ESICM Team

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