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    Background I: ICU acquired weakness-Basic science state of the art

    Barcelona - 05/10 16:00-16:15
    Steffen Weber-Carstens, Berlin, Germany

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    Background II: ICU acquired weakness-Clinical state of the art

    Barcelona - 05/10 16:20-16:35
    Margaret Herridge

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    Rationale for early mobility and current evidence

    Barcelona - 05/10 16:40-16:55
    Jesse Hall

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    Should patients be cycling?

    Barcelona - 05/10 17:00-17:15
    David Mcwilliams, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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    What is the role for electrical muscle stimulation on its own or as an adjunct?

    Barcelona - 05/10 17:20-17:35
    John P. Kress

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    Early mobility as an ICU practice standard: Should this be prioritised as part of the "Choosing Wisely" Campaign?

    Barcelona - 05/10 17:40-17:55
    Terri Hough