European Diploma


2015 EDIC Part I (Written) Sessions - Spring Edition

The EDIC I written exam will be held on April 8, 2015 in various centres.    

There are currently places available in the following centres:

  • Bergen, Norway 
  • Bonn, Germany
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Madrid, Spain 
  • Utrecht, Netherlands

Given the huge demand, the ESICM Examinations Committee, with the agreement from their local partners, has decided to offer an additional 50 places in the Dubai and Kolkata centres in order to allow new candidates to register. 

Update: The centres in Kolkata and London are fully booked.

Important Remarks

  • Candidates who have already registered at a centre will no longer be permitted to transfer their registration to other centres.
  • All EDIC places are filled through online registration on a first-come first-served basis. Unfortunately, priority cannot be given to candidates who contact the office via telephone.
  • If you have a query or problem in registering, promptly send an email to Please ensure you include your full name and a brief explanation of the issue.
  • Emails will also be answered in the order to which they are received. Additional emails and phone calls are not necessitated and may increase the response time. Thank you for your understanding.

The online registration system will close for all centres on February 15, 2015.

In order to benefit from the reduced registration rate for ESICM members, the 2015 membership fee must be paid prior to registering for the 2015 exam sessions.

2015 EDIC Part I (Written) Sessions - Autumn Edition

The 2015 EDIC Part I Autumn Sessions will take place on October 5, 2015 in Berlin and Bern. Further information will be posted in Spring 2015.


EDIC Part I (Written examination)

EDIC Part I examination is a multiple choice written examination in English. There are 100 multiple choice questions (MCQs) and each question trunk will have either four or five stems.

Questions are drawn from the entire spectrum of intensive care medicine, including basic medical science and physiology, pathophysiology of relevant diseases, interpretation of diagnostic data, therapeutics/toxicology, organ function replacement therapies, ethics and any other aspect relevant to the clinical ICM practice.

EDIC Part I Exam Marking System

For a correct answer to a type A question, 1 point is given, for a wrong or a blank answer 0 point. For a type K question, 1 point is given for 4 correct answers, 0.5 point for 3 out of 4 correct answers and 0 point for less then 3 correct answers. The pass mark is set on a content based standard setting procedure (modified Angoff method) by the Examinations Committee.To analyse the exam takes circa three weeks, thus candidates can expect to have their results approximately four weeks after the exam.

Required Documentation

  • Copy of University-awarded Medical Degree
  • Letter of Confirmation from National or Regional primary specialty Training Authority (e.g. College or Society)
  • Documents/letter confirming your training in ICM or completion of ICM training programme
    • If you are in ICM training: Training Authority, supervisor or Head of Training
    • If you have completed your ICM training: Head of Department or Head of Training Programme or other representative who can attest to your having completed ICM training
    • If you are a specialist: Copy of University-awarded Medical Degree and current certificate of full medical registration

Important Information

  1. People who failed the written exam must wait at least one year prior to being allowed to sit the written exam again
  2. Your seat at the EDIC Part I exam is only guaranteed after the validation by the office of your application