European Diploma in Intensive Care Medicine (EDIC)

EDIC Objectives

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The European Diploma in Intensive Care Medicine (EDIC) seeks to standardise education and training of quality intensive care across Europe and beyond. EDIC exams are meticulously developed and continuously updated to create standard exit exams, which accurately reflect clearly defined assessment goals and address the necessary skills, attitude, competencies and knowledge required for intensive care practice. The awarding of a speciality exam in intensive care medicine is a key component of ESICM's education strategy, which aims to set a standard for entry into intensive care specialist practice in Europe. Many jurisdictions specify EDIC as a professional qualification in ICM and the increasing numbers sitting the exam also attests to its widening acceptance. Responsibility for the European Diploma in Intensive Care Medicine (EDIC) belongs with the Examinations Committee.

The EDIC examinations are set out in two parts: Part I - the written exam and Part II - the oral/clinical case exam. The EDIC examination guidelines will provide you with information on the exam as well as the requirements needed to sit the exam.

How To Prepare Yourself For Your Examination

We advise you to draw fully on the following:

The EDIC Guidelines can also provide you with some additional information on recommended approaches to training. 

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Translation & Validity of the EDIC Certificate

ESICM delivers a Diploma in Intensive Care for those who have passed the EDIC Part I & II and successfully completed the required amount of training, thus fulfilling the set criteria for receiving the Diploma. This Diploma is in English only. Its recognition at national level is based on national regulations.

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For all queries about EDIC, please e-mail the EDIC Secretariat .

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